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Avoid the rain. Protect your bag. BackJack

The BackJack is a modified rain coat that not only protects the individual, but the users backpack as well, through a cover attached to the jacket that can fold over the backpack. The actual product lies behind the slick zipper on the back of the jacket. The zipper falls under the hood when not in use. With a backpack on, the user can unzip the pocket and pull on the tab at the top of the product to remove the cover. Once the user has the tab in hand, simply throwing the cover behind the user will drop the cover over the backpack. The user can then grab both the tabs located on the sides of the cover and attached them to the front of the jacket. These tabs prevent the cover from blowing off the backpack on a windy day.

BackJack Materials

Breathable and Guaranteed waterproof.
Fabric: 100% Nylon 2L Full Dull plain weave. Omni-Tech waterproof. Breathable. Guaranteed.

Included Features

  • Hood and backpack cover hidden in jacket
  • Drawcord around hood and backpack cover for extra protection
  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable

Intellectual Property

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